Nature should be lived, not only visited. We lead expeditions taking you deep into the Swedish mountain wilderness. Here, you can really feel alive. This region has accurately been called the last wilderness of Europe. Vast expanses of wilderness await you here, inhabited only by the indigenous Sami people. It is the land of natural contrast. These mountains offer northern lights and bottomless snow during winter and midnight sun with thriving wildlife during summer.

We guide you to Live the Experience.

3 Commitments of Sweden Outdoor Life

Small Groups

Smaller groups than any other trip operator in the area: maximum 4 participants per guide.

Home-dried Gourmet Food

We are the only company that offers home-dried, gourmet, vegetarian food for all our trips, no freeze-dried packages

Sustainable Trips

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. We align our trips with ecotourism goals and make sure to always stay connected with and be respectful of nature. Many trips include possibility for meditation/yoga time in the mornings for an added experience.

Featured Expeditions

April 2017: Ski Expedition in Sarek National Park

Ruben and Katarina will lead you on a unique and sustainable 9-day adventure in the last wilderness of Europe, Sarek National Park. We will backcountry ski past impressive peaks, watch the nordic lights at night, and experience terrain where few have been before. Maintaining a tight group...

August 2016: Mountain Hiking in Summer Sarek

At the height of summer and when the mosquitos are retreating, that's when world famous Sarek National Park is the most beautiful. We will guide you on a 7 day adventure in this wild terrain, among legendary mountain tops. Deep in the wilderness of Sarek we will follow smooth valleys, surrounded by...

March 2017: Wilderness Cabin Trip in Padjelanta

Adam and Ruben lead you to a unique and sustainable 9-day adventure in the UNESCO World Heritage site Laponia. In this beautiful and remote wilderness of the Swedish mountains, the Padjelanta National Park is also located. This area is famous for the vast open plains and rolling hills, which makes...

My most adventurous trip so far! Not because of risks or worries but because of the feeling of before unvisited land, flexibility to the groups wants and needs and the fantastic landscape. It was cold but we never really froze. At one stage I felt I was touring into an snowy Jurrasic Park!
Josefin Johansson, 2013


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