Take only memories. Leave only ski tracks.

Our main purpose is to expose people to the magnificent mountain landscape of Sweden in a sustainable way to make sure the next generation will be able to enjoy the same mountains. We believe that by learning to appreciate the wonders of nature, our group members will learn also to take care of their own surrounding environment. That is why the environmental impact of our activities is of uttermost importance.

Examples of this are:

  • Non-profit student trips. To ensure that future generations learn how to appreciate and to take care of their own environment and the Sami culture, we provide discounted, non-profit student trips.
  • Small group size. We can make sure the impact we have on the fragile mountain ecosystem in minimized by having greater control of the activities of the group members. This way, we believe that our customers get an experience more in touch with nature. Please have this distinction in mind when comparing our prices to those of other companies.
  • Organic food. The food consumed is organic to the extent possible.
  • Only natural transport. We do not use any type of vehicle during our trips, except the vehicle of our own bodies. Trip areas are also only accessed by joint transport. We believe that by exploring nature using your own body as a tool, the experience is both more genuine as well as more pleasureable.
  • Bring in, take out. We carry out all materials and food that we carry in to the wilderness.
  • Human impacts minimized. Sanitary facilities at huts are used to the greatest possible extent so as not to contaminate the mountain ecosystem in excess. The fragile vegetation of the mountain regions is respected and not used for making fires or such.
  • Train and bus transport. We provide recommendations for travel to Luleå, Ritsem, and other trip locations in Sweden by the means of electrical train and/or bus.

Please have a look at the environmental goal of the Swedish EPA concering the mountain landscape:

The pristine character of the mountain environment must be largely preserved, in terms of biological diversity, recreational value, and natural and cultural assets. Activities in mountain areas must respect these values and assets, with a view to promoting sustainable development. Particularly valuable areas must be protected from encroachment and other disturbance.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

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