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Ruben and Adam, founders of Sweden Outdoor Life, met during their military training program to become Special Forces Arctic Rangers in subarctic Northern Sweden. The training consisted of skiing, survival skills, mountain ascent and navigation. During this mentally and physically demanding period, they had an amazing opportunity to learn about and live the winter landscape in the mountains of Swedish Lapland.  After the experience, Ruben and Adam were both determined to guide other people to this beautiful nature. The experienced adventure guide Katarina Nordbeck was recruited in 2014 to help out with the trips.


Adam Toolanen

Adam has spent several years working and researching on Alaskan glaciers around Juneau and Denali National Park. Adam has served as  head of safety & as an instructor/guide for a group of 30 glacier researchers on a two month ski expedition across an Alaskan icefield. Adam spends the majority of his free time in the mountains and tundra of northern Sweden. These trips involve hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, ice climbing and numerous other activities. Adam has also guided hiking trips in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Adirondacks and is certified in Wilderness First Aid. In addition, Adam is a certified scuba diver and pilot.  He is currently pursuing a master's degree in aerospace engineering at Luleå University.


Ruben Lundström

Ruben was breathing the crisp air of the Swedish mountains before he could even walk, being carried on the back of his mother. Since then he has always had a natural attraction to this region, returning as often as he can. After the military service as a mountain ranger in Sweden, he spent a time studying environmental engineering in the south of Sweden. Though he found yoga here, he longed for connection to the mountains. He therefore moved his studies to Trondheim, Norway, were he took part in the student mountain group in the university. For this group he lead trips almost every weekend during the winter, helping students to get out and experience nature. In Trondheim he also worked as a yoga instructor. Having spent a year in Trondheim, he is currently exploring the mountains of Colombia, but returns after christmas to Norwegian soil. He is a certified WFR (Wilderness First Responder) and has several experiences with real-life incidents. The winter hikes he makes always includes one, where to close the circle, he brings his mother to the mountains, carrying all the equipment and sometimes mum herself in the pulk.

Katarina Nordbeck

Katarina has a two-year Adventure Guide Diploma from Thomson Rivers University, Canada, which includes guiding backcountry skiing, climbing and mountaineering as well as hiking, sea kayaking and white water paddling. She is certified in Wilderness First Aid as well as an Emergency Medical Responder by the Ministry of Health BC, Canada. The last four years she has worked as a sea kayak guide on the west coast of British Columbia during the summer season and as a ski- and snowboard instructor during the winters. Katarina has a Bachelor degree in Adventure Sports Performance and Phychology and is currently studying to become a Medical Massage Therapist.

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