Expeditions Taking Nature into Consideration

Both Adam and Ruben have a deep interest and appreciation of the natural world we are living in, meaning that we want our trips to mitigate the impact they have on the environment. We are aware of the positive aspects of providing others a glimpse of how beautiful nature can be. Now finishing his Master's degree in Environmental Engineering, Ruben has experience in planning and organizing expeditions that fully take into consideration their environmental impact. We are also members of the Swedish Ecotourism Society (Ekoturismföreningen). Another goal we have is to spread interest for the Swedish outdoors amongst our own generation through low-cost student tours. 

Small Group Size

With us you will go with a smaller group than any other tour operator. We want to have an optimal group size in order to maintain a high level of safety and a positive group dynamic. This have maximum 4 people per guide and 2 guides per trip.

Food Quality

We are also the only tour operator offering home-dried gourmet food instead of freee-dried packages. We have learned first hand that warm food while camping in the snow is an important and special treat. This is why we provide you with warm meals, all of which are dried and prepared by us. In other words; we do not use any freeze-dried food!


Personal Touch

We, Adam and Ruben, have made every plan ourselves: the website, organisation and trips. We want you to feel like a member of the tour group, not merely a customer, which is also important for the safety and pleasure of the trip. We want you to live and create the experience together with us.


Most importantly, we acknowledge that our decisions are always contingent on nature. We have thorough experience in winter camping and are certified in Wilderness First Aid/Responder (3/9 days course). We have several safety measures in place in the event of an accident, including satellite communication, GPS navigation, medical equipment and proximity to mountain cabins.

Pristine and Wild Expedition Areas

Through area knowledge and planning, we will take you to areas others do not. The area of Laponia in north Sweden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a very underappreciated area with few people visiting. This is favorable for us as you can experience a completely untouched landscape. 


"The trip was extremely well-planned and it was comforting that Ruben and Adam are so experienced in mountain hiking. To bring all the equipment with us was also comforting as we could camp anywhere without having to reach a cabin every night (even tough the cabin luxary was appreciated at times!)"
Hanna P. Johansson

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