April 2017: Ski Expedition in Sarek National Park

Ruben and Katarina will lead you on a unique and sustainable 9-day adventure in the last wilderness of Europe, Sarek National Park. We will backcountry ski past impressive peaks, watch the nordic lights at night, and experience terrain where few have been before. Maintaining a tight group atmosphere, we will safely guide you deep into this vast white wilderness. This will be a winter mountain adventure unlike anything you've ever seen or done, in a the snowy,untouched wilderness of northern Sweden. This expedition takes you far out and is only suitable for those with outdoor experience and tough psyche.

  • Location and date: 7 - 17 April 2016, Kvikkjokk to Saltoluokta in Sarek National Park, Sweden
  • Number of participants: 4-8
  • Difficulty: Our longest tour available, requires stamina and endurance. We expect that you have tried nordic or backcountry skiing before and that you are experienced in outdoor camping.
  • Included: Two professional guides (Ruben Lundström and Katarina Nordbeck), home-dried food, full skiing equipment, hut fees, etc.
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Expedition Itinerary (Part 1)

April 7 - Kvikkjokk

Travel to Kvikkjokk. Extra time will be spent preparing for the trip. We will instruct the group in tundra and winter camping procedures. We will discuss the route, check personal gear, tape feet etc..

April 8 - Pårte (15km)

We spend the first day skiing through a birch forest that slowly thins and progresses into a spruce forest. We will ski across frozen rivers and lakes and hopefully see some moose. This area is home to Sweden's largest wildlife thanks to the vegetation. After 15 km we arrive at Pårtestugan.

April 9 - Lulep Soubbatjavvre (17km)

After an early wake-up, we enjoy the winter sun skiing north-east over beautiful and lightly vegetated tundra fields. A warm lunch from the stove awaits us before turning to the north-west and the Rapa valley. We raise our tents close to the dramatic mountain Tjahkkelij sitting in the middle of the opening to the Rapa valley.

April 10 - Gådokvarasj (14km)

Well within the Rapa valley we are surrounded by snowy peaks increasing in size as we ski farther away from civilization. We pass by Nammasj, the lonely mountain in the middle of the valley. We then continue north along the river until we arrive at our campsite at the base of a glaciated massif.


April 11 - Låddebakte (16km)

Towering mountain walls on either side make us feel small in the center of the valley as we meander over the delta landscape. Before the day is done we reach an intersection defined by three mighty mountains. We have a towering corner to the east, massive glaciers to the north and yesterday's massif behind us. We round the corner to the east and make camp.


Expedition Itinerary (Part 2)

April 12 - Voujnesskajjde (16km)

Today we ski through the very heart of Sarek. During the morning we squeeze through an ever-narrowing valley that spills out into a wide plain from which we observe the daunting chain of peaks extending high and far into the north. This chain of peaks is defined by steep glaciers and sharp summits. We head east towards the Ahpar massif and make camp after crossing a sizable mountain lake.


April 13 - Pietsaure (17km)

As we ski northeast on our way out of Sarek we begin to glimpse Stora Sjöfallets national park. This area is known for a mighty river whose dams power large areas of Sweden. We continue to ski parallel to Lulevattnet as we cross the long and thin lake Pietsaure.


April 14 - Saltoluokta (15km)

After a shorter last day we finally arrive in the picturesque mountain cabin of Saltoluokta. We celebrate our trip indoors with a well deserved sauna and a gourmet restaurant meal with Sami influences.


April 15 and 16 - Extra Days

Extra days that we plan for in case of unforseen weather or other conditions. Alternatively we can use those days for making great day excursions in the wilderness of Sarek.


April 17 - Home (2km)

After a quick crossing of Lulevattnet to the road on the other side, we get in the bus and ride back to Luleå.


  • Cost: 17 950 SEK (includes Swedish tax)

Why is this the best price for this offer?

  1. Small group size (max 4 participants on 1 guide) - so that we keep you safe, can teach you winter skills, and so we have a good and happy atmosphere in the group
  2. We dry the food ourselves and bring gourmet food on the trip - to enjoy the moments of eating, keeping the morale of the group high
  3. Top-notch equipment included (tents, ski package, safety gear, medical equipment, etc.) - to keep you safe, we provide you with all possible equipment, stuff we know we can trust.
  4. Highly experienced guides, educated as mountain rangers in Sweden with certifications in wilderness first aid - to keep you safe and give you a personal experience


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