August 2016: Mountain Hiking in Summer Sarek

At the height of summer and when the mosquitos are retreating, that's when world famous Sarek National Park is the most beautiful. We will guide you on a 7 day adventure in this wild terrain, among legendary mountain tops. Deep in the wilderness of Sarek we will follow smooth valleys, surrounded by sharp peaks. We will experience thriving wildlife in this untouched mountain landscape. The trip takes us to the valley Rapadalen with an impressive river delta. Finally, we arrive at Saltoluokta mountain station which has the best Sami-inspired gourmet food, and also an incredible view from the sauna...

- Location and date: Beginning of August 2016, Ritsem to Saltoluokta in Sarek National Park, Sweden
- Number of participants: 5-10
- Difficulty: Requires a strong psyche, previous hiking experience and good equipment.
- Included: Home-dried food, hut fees, tents, etc. Click here to read exactly what is included in the price
- Guides: Ruben Lundstrom and Adam Toolanen, trained mountain rangers in Sweden and with certifications in wilderness medicine. About the guides:
- Cost: 14 950 SEK (includes Swedish tax)

Why is this the best price for this offer?
1. Small group size (max 4 participants on 1 guide) - so that we keep you safe, can teach you mountain skills and so we have a good and happy atmosphere in the group
2. We dry the food ourselves and bring gourmet food on the trip - to enjoy eating, keeping the morale of the group high
3. Top-notch equipment included (tents, safety gear, medical equipment, etc.) - to keep you safe, we provide you with all possible equipment, stuff we know we can trust.
4. Highly experienced guides, educated as mountain rangers in Sweden with certifications in wilderness first aid - to keep you safe and give you a personal experience

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