Mars 2016 - Preliminary winter tour

Adam and Johan lead you to a unique and sustainable 11-day adventure in the UNESCO World Heritage site Laponia, past Sweden's point of inaccessibility. In this beautiful wilderness of the Swedish mountains, the Badjelánnda/Padjelanta National Park is also located. We will ski past impressive peaks, watch the nordic lights in the night, sleep in mountain cabins and tent (2 nights) and experience Sami culture.

  • Location: Ritsem to Jokkmokk in Badjelánnda/Padjelanta National Park
  • Number of participants: 4-8
  • Difficulty: Our longest tour available, requires stamina and endurance. We expect that you have tried nordic or backcountry skiing before and that you are experienced in outdoor camping.
  • Included: Two guides (Johan and Adam), home-dried food, full skiing equipment, hut fees, etc. Click here to see exactly what is included.
  • Cost: 19500 SEK (includes Swedish tax)

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Preliminary Schedule

Destination Description


Arrival on the night-train to Luleå during the day. The afternoon will be spent preparing for the trip. We will instruct the group in tundra and winter camping procedures. We will discuss the route, check personal gear etc..


Transport from Luleå to Gällivare by train (paid for by participant.) Further transport to Rijtsem by bus, total travel time app. 8 hours. On the train we prepare by taping feet, drinking, eating and getting to know one another.

23 km

After an early wake-up, we enjoy the winter sun as we ski over Àhkájávrre with the glorious Àhkká massif before us. After the Akka cabins we turn off the traficked trail and instead ski alongside the Àhkká massif past beautiful and lightly vegetated tundra fields. Gisuris cabins lies just beyond a hilly and canyonous landscape.

Alep Násasjågås
19 km

We warm up for the day by skiing close to the Gisuris mountain. Following wide valleys with the sharp peaks of Sarek at our left side during the whole day, we are happy to find shelter for our tents close to the river Alep Násasjågås.

17 km


We ski uphill into a beatiful mountain pass with great views over the mountains tundras. In the widst of this vast wilderness, we find the so called "Sweden's point of inaccessibility" where the roads are more than 50km away in every direction. Still, the warm cabins of Douttar are close.

Extra day

Extra day in case of snow storm. Many beautiful peaks surround us, possible day trips, weather permitting.

17 km

A slight uphill to the peak of Ieltivárre await us, where we will rest and enjoy the views. Thereafter we slowly descend towards sami village Staloloukta and the cabins we will sleep in, with a great mountain range following us on our left hand.

11 km

Today is a shorter day at which we really take time to take in the grandeur of the surrounding mountains. If we feel strong and the weather is good, we might do a small detour to see more of the surroundings.

18 km, tent

After climbing a bit we reach the highest point of the trip. This is also the entrance to the famous Sulitelma mountains where great glaciers can be seen. Enjoying these mountains, we raise our tents beneath the minor mountain Gáska.

19 km

Having pitched our tents in the cold winter mountains, a well deserved downhill takes us down to and across the river Varvvekråhto. After this, we head east up a gradually inclined valley. Slowly but surely we near Vaimok cabin but before we that we reach the plateau Vájmokbákte. From here we have a great view of the tundra around us. Down towards the cabin there is a good opportunity for steeper skiing if you like.

20 km

At Lake Vájmok we find a marked winter trail which we might be very happy for in the event of bad weather. Regardless of the weather we ski into a majestic valley with steep slopes on both sides. In case of bad weather we can huddle up in the shelter Kurajaure for a tasty lunch. At the end of the day we savor the ski down into the beautiful Tarra valley where Tarrekaise cabin awaits us.

Extra day

In bad weather conditions, we stay inside. If the sun is shining, we can do a day tour north along the Tarra valley.

22 km

On the last day we will experience the region's vegetation as we keep an eye on the stunning Darregájsse massif on our side. The valley opens and we glide into the lowlands. In Kvikkjokk we greet rest and a well deserved sauna.


An early bus takes us to Jokkmokk where we first get a guided tour of the Àjjte Sami Museum, giving us good background knowledge on the Sami culture. Afterwards we have the chance to meet a Sami local during our lunch in a traditional tipi. We are back in Luleå at 18.08 and the adventure is officially over with lots of happy memories to bring back home.

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