Win the Opportunity for a Ski Trip in Sweden!


First of all, win the opportunity for a ski trip in the wild Swedish outdoors!

Our company is quickly expanding, and we want to help as many people as possible to enjoy our trips and services. We are therefore starting a competition on Facebook with our new video “Outdoor Life - Skiing in Sarek, Sweden”. To enter the competition you only need to post a comment our Facebook video post, explaining why you want to go to the Swedish wilderness. Whoever gets the most likes on their comment wins a credit of 1200 US dollars for the trip “Wilderness Cabin Trip in Padjelanta National Park” the 25th of March 2016.

Take this unique opportunity for a lifetime adventure to an incredible and pristine wilderness!

Competition instructions:
1. Enjoy the video of this post:
2. Like the post. Then write a comment explaining why you would like to come along and enjoy the amazing nature of Sarek National Park in Sweden!
3. Do everything you can to get likes for the post AND for your comment. Every friend that likes your comment also has to like the post. The person with most likes on the comment is the winner!
4. Send a message to us at Sweden Outdoor Life fanpage with your full name, e-mail address, city and country.
5. The competition ends at 12.00 the 13th of February, the day before Valentine’s Day. And yes, you are allowed (and encouraged) to give this away to someone you love.

Good luck for everyone entering the competition! :)


The freedom of the wild awaits you…
Some more fun things:
Spring is just around the corner and it’s quickly getting brighter here in the north. Adam and were recently visiting in the U.S.A and we gave a presentation about our winter adventures at a meeting for a hiking club in Rochester, New York(Adirondack Mountain Club). We talked about our goal of helping international travelers find their way to the Swedish mountains and how this goal originiated in 2013 when our American friend Neal made his first trip to the Swedish mountains. After the trip he said:
 “We don't have anything like this at home. You have to go to the Arctic. So open. No people. No trees. The vast rolling expanses and the true feeling of having so much space. The typical feeling small before the wonders of nature".
That is when we realized that there is something unique about our mountains. We continued to tell the story of how hunter/gatherers moved to northern Scandinavia when the continental icesheet retreated about 10000 years ago. These people began to herd reindeer and are probably the forefathers of todays Sami people who inhabit parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. Did you know that Laponia, our Unesco World Heritage Site in Swedish Lappland, is the world’s last largest and one of the last areas where there still exist people who still practice an ancient lifestyle that revolves around herding livestock in the wilderness. This area also happens to be where we do most of our trips and of course we also visit the nature museum in Laponia. Check out if you want to find out more!
Aside from that we are busy preparing for trips in March and April, preparing GPS routes, drying large amounts of food and assuring participants that they are ready for the trips. It is natural to be curious or unsure about something you are not used to, that is why we provide everyone with tips and all the information needed.
Another exciting thing happening soon is that we will be featured  (with interviews, video and pictures) on the blog

Please check out the website and read about us and why we only serve vegetarian food and try to minimize our environmental impact!
I hope you will join us on our trips, it is about time you signed up! Otherwise you can come in summer when we go hiking in Sarek…
Have a good one!

Adam and Ruben


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