Time to make plans for the winter!

We are glad to announce that the winter trip of 2016 is ready and planned; we want to take you to the innermost part of what has been called "the last wilderness of Europe". We bring our backcountry skis, tents, and home-dried food to survive 9 days under very dire climatic conditions... To enjoy a beautiful mountain landscape, to see the northern lights, and to experience the vast tranquility of the nature. Sarek National Park is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia, with a rich native culture stretching several thousands of years into the past of reindeer herding. But this is also an area perfect for ski touring in the winter, venturing in valleys surrounded by sharp, glacier-covered peaks.

We go here to experience this amazing landscape and to find peace. We come out of this landscape perfectly calm, having experienced an adventure we may never see the likes of.

You only regret the things you never did.


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