The White Expanses of Badjelánnda

The best part of ski touring along the Padjelanta [Badjelánnda] route is the undulating and open landscape. On clear winter days, the rolling snow dunes pose a tempting sight to the spectator. Everywhere, long mountain slopes as well as high plateaus can be seen, inviting the skier to pleasantly glide downhill. The terrain is almost never too extreme for down or uphill skiing. The landscape provides an unbroken beauty where snow and sky seem to join on the sharp horizon. Here, you can really experience the white expanses.

From "På tur i Padjelanta" by Claes Grundsten

Padjelanta/Badjelánnda National Park is situated in northern Sweden, or more precisely in the Jokkmokk Municipality in Swedish Lapland. The Sami, indigenous people of Lapland, call the national park area Badjelánnda. This is a combination of the words for "high" and "land" which comes from the fact that the whole area is above treeline. The park lies in the heart of the world heritage site Laponia, the largest area in the world with an ancestral way of life based on the seasonal movement of reindeer. Badjelánnda lies within Samiland or Sápmi, which covers parts of Sweden, Norward, Finland, and Russia. 

Experiencing the white expanses of Badjelánnda National Park along with a taste of Sami culture, is what Backcountry Lapland offers you on a 14 day tour past Sweden's most inacessible point.

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