The Mountains Await You

The mountains await you.

Hi there!

Me and my friend Adam started this company after having made many trips with our friends, with a longing to be able to show more people the majestic nature of the Swedish mountains. I am fully convinced that no one leaves our trips unaffected by this amazing wilderness. The mountains makes you humble. They provide calmness. They help us realize how small we are - we are just a part of nature, and should act according to that fact. Me and Adam also had military training as mountain rangers in the arctic region of Sweden, after which we were convinced to never again eat freeze-dried food ... So, from our values ​​of true sustainability, we started the project that became Sweden Outdoor Life. We are really passionate about organizing grand adventures, with minimal ecological impact. Moreover, we think small groups is awesome - it gives us a great team spirit, the ability to have personal interactions during our trips, and helps up to explore nature in a kinder and safer way.

After this introduction - to some other fun facts!

  • Why "Sweden Outdoor Life"? The Outdoors gives us energy, gives us life. The Outdoor Life is our natural element. We want to help you discover this.
  • After the world debate started by WHO research on meat and cancer risk - and after a research report that I myself wrote about the impact on the environment and on humans of a meat diet - we decided to only serve home-dried vegetarian food during our mountain trips (which will soon be official). It is not only unsustainable with a meat diet, it also goes against my personal moral compass. During our trips, you will have to enjoy for example root vegetable stew with feta cheese, spicy bean soups, breakfast of popped quinoa and cardamom, and surprisingly yummy desserts. We like to cook! :)
  • It may also happen that during the trip you will have a chance to take part in a yoga class or two ... Will tell you more later!

Hope you are well and that you long to get out and live the Outdoor Life!


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