Christmas calender

Christmas is approaching: how about a unique mountain adventure as a christmas present for yourself?

Why such a christmas present is a good idea is something we will try to show over the coming weeks. We will examplify what our ski trips may be like with stories, pictures and trip diaries from the much appreciated adventure in Badjelánnda National Park, Sweden, in April 2014.

Vast Expanses of Badjelannda, Day 1
"March 29 - Saturday: Preparations in Luleå, skied on water (with ice underneath) to an island where the group had lunch and waffles. Free night after preparations with the equipment, route, and such."

A foggy day with a group that all were tired after travelling but very all very happy to slowly start the trip. We prepared the group for what was to come with some skiing technique tips, route planning, and equipment check-ups. There was also time fo education on mountain safety and winter trekking tips/hints. As the below pictures may show, some group members we more tired than others :)

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