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Welcome to Vegan Outdoor Adventures, where you’ll find everything to compliment your cruelty-free outdoor lifestyle, including:

  • Links to vegan outdoor equipment (which I’ve personally confirmed contain no animal products)
  • Interviews with nature-loving vegans
  • My best tips and gear suggestions
  • Gear reviews
  • Discussions with other outdoorsy vegans in the Forums



Josefin Johansson: "My most adventurous trip so far! Not because of risks or worries but because of the feeling of before unvisited land, flexibility to the groups wants and needs and the fantastic landscape. It was cold but we never really froze. At one stage I felt I was touring into an snowy Jurrasic Park! Adam and Ruben are playful, social and active guys. They will see that your trip will either as convenient or exiting as you want it to be."

Neal Andrews: "My March vacation was to ski with this organization. From the start it was easy to make plans. I flew to Copenhagen then took the train to Lund to meet the rest of the group. Ruben and Adam took care of every detail, taxis, hotels, camping areas and most importantly route finding. We skied for a week across the northern reaches of Scandinavia sleeping in tents. It was breathtaking scenery and very remote. It was the farthest North I had ever been. The gear list was complete and at no time did I feel in any danger. I would go back with Sweden Outdoor Life again when it is possible."

Hanna Palm Johansson: "I was on a winter mountain trip with Ruben and Adam in March 2013. It was a fantastic and indescribable experience to ski in the mountains. The atmosphere in the group was great and when everyone helps out, both under tough and less tough conditions, you get to know each other on a different level. The trip was extremely well-planned and it was comforting that Ruben and Adam are experienced in mountain hiking. To bring all the equipment with us was also comforting as we could camp anywhere without having to reach a cabin every night (even tough the cabin luxary was appreciated at times!). To ski amidst mountains far from civilization, to experience the harsh yet wondrous environment, to see the Northern lights and exceed one's own expectations... this I wish upon all people."


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